Nokia 3310 Release Date | New Nokia 3310 Country Wise Release Date

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Nokia 3310 Release Date: The new Nokia 3310 is the most exciting mobile phone launched by the Nokia's parent company, HMD Global. The Nokia 3310, which was known as the Hammer Phone due to its weight and durability is revamped and will be available for pre-ordering. The new Nokia 3310 is not a smartphone. It is not a high-end camera phone to take a fresh picture. It's also not the fancy gadget which you'll love to keep flaunting. It is just a simple Mobile Phone, which is revamped from the older version.

Now, as the HMD Global announced the launch of Nokia 3310, the speculations about the Release Date of Nokia 3310 in different countries is started. Now, there is no accurate information available about the Nokia 3310 Release Date, that's why I am sharing the exact information about this. In this post, you can find the New Nokia 3310 Release Date 2017 in your country. So, let's start with the first country, that is going to the apparently the United States of America.

New Nokia 3310 Release Date in the USA

The new Nokia 3310, which is a revamped version of the old feature phone from Nokia. The new Nokia 3310 is a multimedia feature phone, identical with the old one, but different in specifications. This phone is all set to launch in American markets in the Second Quarter of 2017. The phone will be available to purchase anywhere in Q2, 2017. Our Guess for Nokia 3310 Release Date in USA is 29th March 2017.

Nokia 3310 Release Date in Europe

The Europe is one of the major markets for HMD global to target. The Feature phone Nokia 3310 will be launched in Europe on the same day as the USA. This is our best prediction as the Officials has not informed us about the Exact release date of this mobile phone. But, I am sure that it'll be launched simultaneously in both the regions on the same day. 

Nokia 3310 Release Date in India

India is the biggest smartphone and mobile market aside from China. Still, most of the companies ignore the market. Many foreign companies launch their phones in Indian markets pretty late. But, this is not the same case. The Nokia 3310 Release Date in India is not yet announced officially. But, we are sure that the phone will be launched in the Second Quarter of 2017. The time may vary according to the scheduling and supply to the retailers, but the Q2 of 2017 is when the mobile phone will be launched in Indian markets.

New Nokia 3310 Launch Date in Pakistan

The Pakistan is the neighbor of India and a good place to get loyal customers for Nokia mobile phones. The Pakistan has lots of people who love to use candy-bar phones so the Nokia 3310 can garner a huge amount of clients there. Nokia is planning to launch the phone in Asia-Pacific markets in Second Quarter of 2017. So, the New Nokia 3310 Release Date in Pakistan is in the Second quarter of 2017.

Nokia 3310 Intro Video

Final Words on Country Wise Release Date of New Nokia 3310

This is it about the Nokia 3310 mobile Release Date in various countries. The New Nokia 3310 will be available soon in every country. The Nokia staff is working hard to ensure that the New Nokia 3310 gets launched in every country in the second quarter of 2017, which is a challenging task for the company officials to execute. 

Nokia 3310 Price in India | New Nokia 3310 Mobile Availability

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New Nokia 3310 Price in India: The Nokia has just announced the New Nokia 3310 Multimedia Mobile Phone at the Mobile World Congress. The Mobile World Congress is the biggest technology conference held every year in Barcelona, Spain. The Parent Company of Nokia, HMD Global chose the MWC Barcelona to announce the Global Release of Nokia 3310. As the India was Nokia's Second Largest market before it's doom, the People in India are excited at the launch of New Nokia 3310.

The Nokia 3310 is the highest selling mobile phone from Nokia since its launch. The revamping this feature phone is definitely the good news for the Lovers of Nokia. The Nokia 3310 was a quite popular Feature phone in Indian markets. That's why the people are happy with the launch of the New Nokia 3310. In this Post, we are sharing the details about the Nokia 3310 Price in India and the availability in the market.

Nokia 3310 Price in India

New Nokia 3310 Price In India

The Nokia 3310 Reboot is a big surprise for the Nokia Mobile lovers. Especially in India, where Elder people love to carry simple candy bar style multimedia phones instead of Smartphones. The Nokia 3310 Reboot will be released in India soon, with the attractive price tag.

The Nokia announced in the MWC about the pricing of this mobile phone. The New Nokia 3310 will be available in the market at a price tag of €49. If we convert the €49 in Indian Rupees, it will be approximately Rs.3,500/-. The Nokia 3310 is expected to launch in India with a price tag of 3,500/-. The Nokia 3310 Price in India can be the biggest hurdle for Nokia's success in India, as the price is quite high for a feature phone.

According to me, it is not the best price for this mobile phone. Many companies are making better candy-bar-style cell phones with similar features and selling them at the lower price. The Price tag of Rs. 3,500 (More or Less) is not okay at all for Nokia in India.

Nokia 3310 Reboot | New Nokia 3310 Availability in India

The New Nokia 3310 is a trending mobile phone as of now in India. The revamped Nokia 3310 will be welcomed in India by the Nokia fans. Those who love the Compact, Sleek, Simple to use and affordable mobile phones will definitely like the latest Nokia 3310 cell phone. 

According to our sources, the Nokia 3310 will debut in India very soon. The expected Launch will happen somewhere in the Financial Q2 2017. Many people are waiting for this mobile phone to launch in Indian markets. Still, there is a chance of doubt for this mobile in the fastest growing smartphone market in India. 

We are eagerly waiting for the Nokia 3310 Reboot to release in India. The Mobile phone which will be available to us in the Second Quarter of 2017 is going to be accessible in the Online marketplace. It is still not clear if Nokia's parent company HMD Global will sign any Exclusive deal with Online marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart to sell this smartphone in Indian markets.

What You'll Get in New Nokia 3310?

The Nokia 3310 is a Multimedia feature phone, so there is little to tell you about apart from Great Battery Life. The Nokia 3310 Features are very much different from the older model. The Nokia 3310 is a multimedia feature phone with 16MB of Internal Storage capacity and comes with Expandable Memory up to 32GB with the help of MicroSD card.

Also, the  Mobile phone comes with a 2MP of camera with LED flash, which is an upgrade for this device. Also, it will have a 3.5 MM Audio Jack and Bluetooth 3.0 for faster wireless file transfers. One more interesting thing about this mobile phone is that it will be available in Four different colors, i.e., Red, Black, Grey, and Yellow. 

On the connectivity side, the mobile phone supports the 2G Network only. In the Era of 4G internet, this is quite disappointing. But, the good thing is that it got an upgrade from Call/SMS only support. Now, we can use the Internet on this device.

Where to Buy Nokia 3310 in India?

The New Nokia 3310 Mobile phone is not yet officially available in Indian markets. It'll be launched in the Second Quarter of 2017. You've to wait till official launch of the device. The mobile is likely to be launched on the Online Marketplaces first and then will be available in the retail stores.

If you are interested in Older Nokia 3310, many online sellers are having this phone in stock. The Old Nokia 3310, a.k.a., is available on almost all of the leading online marketplaces for purchase in India. 

Nokia 3310 Release Date in India

The Nokia has announced the Revamped the Nokia 3310 in the Mobile World Congress 2017. The Nokia has announced the launch and started pre-order of this mobile phone in the United States and United Kingdom. But, the company hasn't announced the exact release date of Nokia 3310 in India. The Nokia 3310 Release Date is upto us for speculations.

As per our Best Guess, the Expected Release Date of Nokia 3310 in India will be the 5th April 2017 or the 1st of May 2017. As it is confirmed that the phone will launch in Second Quarter of 2017, the date is not fixed. So, it is upto us to speculate about the Exact Release Date. As per our Best Guess, the Launch Event may happen in the April 2017 at New Delhi.

Final Words

What do you think about the Nokia 3310 Price in Indian Markets? Is it optimum? Is it affordable? What should be the correct price of this mobile phone?

You can share your thoughts and information about the Nokia 3310 Price in India and the New Nokia 3310 availability in the comments below.

Nokia 3310 Features | Nokia 3310 Mobile Phone Features List

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Nokia 3310 Features: The Nokia Mobiles has launched the latest Nokia 3310 Feature Phone with upgraded specifications. The New Nokia 3310 is a Revamped Version of Old Nokia 3310, which is one of the highest sold Feature phone from the Nokia. With the Nokia 3310 Mobile phone, we have a new addition in Feature Phone segment. The Feature Phones are the mobiles which have limited number of features, comes in Candy-Bar style Button Body and they are simple to use.

The Nokia 3310 Features are different from the Older version. The new mobile comes with a variety of features, that are excellent and useful in the current technologically advanced world. As many people are not comfortable with using the high-end smartphone, they'll find the Nokia 3310 Feature Phone very helpful.

The Nokia unveiled the Revamped Nokia 3310 Mobile in Mobile World Congress 2017. The Phone is launched by Nokia in Biggest Technology Event. The Parent Company of Nokia, the HMD Global revealed this mobile phone in front of an audience.

Nokia 3310 Features and Specs

Nokia 3310 Features | Nokia 3310 Mobile Specifications

The Nokia 3310 Mobile comes with many exciting features. One of the Best Nokia 3310 Features is the Long lasting battery life. In this post, we are going to share every Nokia 3310 Feature and also the exact hardware specification of this device. So, let's get ready to know more about this excellent feature phone from Nokia.
  • 22-hours talk time
  • 1-month standby time
  • Snake game
  • Nokia ringtone
  • Multiple colors
  • 2MP Camera with LED flash
  • Weight: 79.6 g (with battery)
  • Display: 2.4’’ QVGA (240*320)
  • Dual-SIM
  • LED torchlight
  • Nokia Series 30+ operating system
  • MicroSD card support (up to 32 GB)
  • MicroUSB, 3.5mm connector, Bluetooth 3.0
  1. 22-Hours Talk Time: The Nokia 3310 Comes with Super-Strong Battery to function the device. The Battery is able to provide the 22-hours of continuous talk time for the users. The 22-Hours talk time is more than enough for a feature phone, and it is better than any other feature phone available in the market. 
  2. 1-Month Standby Time: The Nokia 3310 can run for 30 Days without any charge. The Nokia has added a powerful battery, which will last for over 30 days on a single charge in standby mode. 
  3. Snake Game: The Iconic Snake Game is another interesting Feature of Nokia 3310 Smartphone. Almost every Nokia user has played this exciting game of Snake on their Nokia device. The Snake Game is added in this device and revamped to get better gaming experience.
  4. Nokia Ringtone: The Nokia Ringtone made every Feature phone from the company Unique. The Nokia Ringtone was once the most used mobile ringtone in the world. Now, the company has included all of their old ringtones in this phone.
  5. Multiple Color Options: The Nokia 3310 Feature phone comes with different color choices. The Nokia is intelligent enough to know the right color choice will make the phone look attractive. 

Nokia 3310 Specifications | Hardware Specifications

The Nokia has revamped the Nokia 3310 Feature Phone into a Multimedia Phone. Now, the Device comes with some advanced Hardware specifications, which were absent in the old Nokia Mobiles. Here is the exact Nokia 3310 Hardware Specs to know. 
  • 2 MP camera with LED Flash: This is the newest and most useful addition to the New Nokia 3310. The Old one was just a feature phone without a Camera. But, the new 3310 comes with high-quality 2MP camera for capturing the moments. 
  • Dual-SIM: The Nokia 3310 comes with Dual-SIM availability. The Dual-SIM mobiles are much needed in these days. So, the addition of Dual-SIM capability is a very appreciated step.
  • Nokia S30 Operating System: This Multimedia Phone runs on Iconic Nokia S30 operating system. The Dead operating system from Nokia was appreciated by all Nokia customers for being stable and straightforward to use. 
  • Expandable Memory: The Nokia 3310 comes with MicroSD card support. The mobile can host the MicroSD card up to 32 GB for Storage. The increased storage capacity is useful to store new songs and videos. 
  • Bluetooth 3.0: The Bluetooth is an important technology for sharing the files over the air. Now, with Nokia 3310 we can share the Files from one phone to another at a faster speed, thanks to the Bluetooth 3.0.
Nokia 3310 New Snake Game

Nokia 3310 (2017) Features Overview

Nokia 3310 is definitely going to be huge hit from Nokia as the new Nokia 3310 2017 version is very much improved version of old Nokia 3310. This announcement was made in February 2017 and Nokia 3310 features are really exciting as well. Talking about the new Nokia 3310 features, it have got a 16MB of internal memory which can be expandable up to 32GB via microSD card. Moreover Nokia 3310 (2017) have a 2-megapixel camera at the back. The screen size of Nokia 3310 is 2.40 inch and the display resoulution is 240x320 pixels.

Talking about the battery of Nokia 3310, then it have got a 1200mAh removable battery and the best thing about Nokia 3310 phone is that it a dual SIM mobile phone which operates on both GSM+GSM SIMs. Nokia 3310 features also have Bluetooth and FM Radio as entertainment stuff.

If you are searching for Nokia 3310 features or new Nokia 3310 features, then you might now know much about this revolutionary mobile phone. For more information about Nokia 3310 mobile phone, you can visit Microsoft or Nokia website and if you know about Nokia 3310 phone features, then do let us know about them via comments.

Final Words on Nokia 3310 Features and Specifications

So, these are the Features and Specifications of the Nokia 3310. This Multimedia Phone is the resurrected version of old Nokia 3310, which is the best selling smartphone by Nokia. Now, with the additional useful features of this mobile phone and straightforward user interface, we have to see how much success it will garner. There are so many new features available in new Nokia 3310 and if you are thinking to revive your old memories, then buy Nokia 3310 new version.

So many new upcoming news to come about Nokia 3310 in future, so stay updated and subscribe to this Nokia 3310 mobile blog for future updates. If you want to know more about Nokia 3310 new phone, then do check out other articles of this blog and Nokia 3310 specifications page.